Chef Asako

Chef Asako, a lady chef in Japan, trained in USA. She owns AsakoSasaki Inc.  AsakoSasaki Inc. is a private company established in Japan. Her team produces unique seafood products for humans & pets.


Chef Asako's company makes "Fishy Flakes®" and 100% fish dog chews. Her company ship quality products to USA, UK, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.


"Fishy Flakes®" for cats has been very popular at major pet supply retailers & online shops globally. Now she launched "Fishy Flakes® ThickCuts" for dogs.


Asako is a certified food safety manager licensed in USA.  And she used to be a cargo ship owner for years, so she has knowledge of International logistics and cargo handling, especially in ocean shipping.


Chef Asako launched dog chew products recently. Her fish 100% dog chews are full of Omega Fatty Acids.


For more information, please go to her website: Company website:

Licenses, permits and test scores:
-English Test Score: CASEC 960/ TOEIC 990 / TOEFL 660
-Coastal Guard Approved ISPS International Ship & Port Security Officer (CSO/SSO)
-U.S. Food Safety Management Food Safety Manager Texas State Certification No: TX 2053365
-International Ocean Tramper Service Provider (Registered on 2005 at Japan government )
-US English / Native Japanese (Bilingual)

   For more information, please go to her website:


HQ & Branches

HQ AsakoSasaki Inc.株式会社​ 

〒761-8031 香川県高松市郷東町756-1

​DUNS ナンバー:71-105-0497 (Country: Japan)

登記住所:  香川県高松市郷東町779-200

事務所:       郷東町756-1

​Importer in USA (米国輸入者)


301 W. Bay Street, Suite 14135
Jacksonville, Florida 32202 USA
Phone (678) 257-1880



2400 Herodian Way SE, Suite 220
Smyrna, GA 30080
Toll-free 888-305-8225

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